avelldo and jongsuks c:

avelldo: the bubi of my life my cute princess, i love her with all my heart she’s one of the friends i trust the most (both online and irl). and i love her blog of course… it’s very aesthetic! follow each other yeah~

jongsuks: she’s a baby bear pancake idk i’m always on her blog but i was scared of following her on twitter once ‘cause y’know i have confrontation problems but yes her blog is super cool! i follow her, idk if she follows me but idc hehe


super sweet blog, looks kind of mature even, which i love <3

from her about me: her name is yerin and she likes chen so she’s probably swag as heck

all chen fans know what they’re talking about tbh


fran is a cutie patootie with the cutest blog and the perfect balance of good taste in everything combined with anime combined with music combined with the swaggiest personality this stupid site has to offer

also she doesn’t care about your opinion cause you’re all dumb kids

and we follow each other

Send me a URL and I’ll tell you

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Park Youn Soo’s collection, ‘Big Park’ ft for Creem Magazine.

I’m not depressed,
why do you think I’m always depressed?
I’m just tired.

Antonie Harinthe ph.


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Clair De Lune - Debussy